Tampa Bay Water Authority
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This is a project in which Trimax Building Products assisted the engineers in designing the job. The deck, which is 96 feet long and 16 feet wide, and the boardwalk which is over 200 feet long was built entirely out of Trimax Structural Lumber.

Trimax was used for the posts, girders, joists, decking and railing. Trimax was also used as the decorative rings around each of the trees. This was accomplished by heating the rings in very warm water and then bending the rings.

Since this boardwalk was built in the area of a protected wetlands, contruction was limited to digging each of the posts by hand, which proved to be a very laborious process. For this reason, it was desired that this construction would only happen once. Never again. Therefore Trimax Structural Lumber was the perfect material to use to ensure that there would be no future impact to the environment from future repair or replacement.

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